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Filigran Kosova is an innovative idea, dedicated for the
national and international market, that offers products for sale that are
handmade from silver, authentic and are very attractive as they are designed by
combining the traditional with the modern.

Filigree remains one of the most precious crafts in the
country and beyond!

FILIGRAN KOSOVA produces products derived from the
attractive ideas of handmade filigree work, in combination with other materials
and interweaving the modern with the traditional.

We manufacture filigree products/ornament.

In our FILIGRAN KOSOVA studio we have an innovative program,
we offer opportunities/services to all those who are interested and passionate
about filigree, to attend short and basic workshops and create their own
filigree products (This is done by setting the appointment ).

In all Kosovo, only FILIGRAN KOSOVA provides this

We aim to cultivate and promote the cultural heritage -
filigree craft in Kosovo and beyond, as well as employ and train others,
especially young people, who are interested.

Valdrin Sopi - certified in the craft of filigree by the
Filigran Koperativa and the Municipality of Prizren, is the ideator and creator
of the FILIGRAN KOSOVA studio. His portfolio is rich with several filigree
handicraft products. Valdrini says: "I am trying to weave all the
experience in filigree with my experience in clothing design - the world of
fashion and modern art as well as combining other materials in the filigree
handicraft products that I am producing for you."

The products are unique and extremely attractive!


Handcrafted filigree products
are very attractive and unique! They are for everyone. You can be our
customers! We have products for different ages and genders, for
international/visitors, for personal use and/or gifts/souvenirs.

The products we offer are
different types of handmade filigree jewelry, that can be used for decorative
purposes, but also for promotional and commercial purposes.

The handmade filigree products
are unique and cannot be imported in Kosovo from other countries. However,
these handmade filigree products can replace other non-filigree decorative and
ornamental products that are imported in our country, as these are better, more
qualitative and more attractive.

Handcrafted filigree products
are attractive to many individuals and groups outside of Kosovo, therefore, we
have great potential for exporting products and/or sending orders outside of

Handiwork, today, has re-started
to be valued relatively highly and filigree is a unique craft, which is why
international interest is also present.

Handcrafted filigree products
can be purchased by order online, following the session: ORDER 


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